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April 23
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Kazuko 'Kazuo' Sohma (Updated) by WhisperTheChosen Kazuko 'Kazuo' Sohma (Updated) by WhisperTheChosen
4/24/1 1:14 PM || All info completed and added.
4/24/14 || 6:42 AM || Added a bit to the profile, specifically in the whole relationship bullet section.

aaaaa its crap omfg
cant be assed to even take a crack at shading right now
just gonna head off to sleep as soon as this is posted


{The Basics}

Full Name: My birthname is Kazuko Sohma. Yours?

Nicknames: A lot of people seem to mistake me as a guy and call me Kazuo…that counts, right?

Sex: Female

Age: Fourteen years of age

Birth Date: December 27th

Birthplace: Aha! …I actually don’t know. Woops.
...I think it was somewhere in the mountains? I dunno.

Animal: Monkey of the Zodiac


{Appearance / Presence}

Body Type: Thin and slightly curved, I guess? People normally aren’t really able to tell at first glance because of what I wear and all. Slightly baggy but not too much.

Eyes: Both are a somewhat bright shade of amber…or they were, the last time I checked.

Hair: Aaaahaaaa, I’m a ginger. My hair’s somewhat on the messy side and is brushed upward a bit. …Yes, it’s like a guy’s and I understand that that’s partially why I get mistaken for one.

Skin: Peach-ish. I never really seem to get a tan for some reason.

Distinguishing Characteristics/Markings: The only thing I could think of is my ability to turn into a monkey – a golden lion tamarin, to be exact. Duh.

Physical Flaws/Birthmarks/Scars: I kinda injured my arm back in elementary and stuff, and its effects have been lingering ever since. …Wait, from what, you ask? Oh…monkey bars and stuff. Makes sense, right?

Usual Attire ((Or link to picture)):  …Yeah, hi there. Up above.

Tattoos/Piercings: Just have two piercings right now. One silver stud on each ear.

Other Accessories: I guess you could count my suspender straps? Oh, and my wristband, too.

Size / Posture: …If ‘size’ means height, then I’m five foot…four. Last time I checked, at least. As for posture…I could give less of a care for posture, haha.

Weight: Roughly one hundred pounds flat. I’m…kinda...underweight, aha.


{Sexuality and Relationship Information}
Orientation:  Bisexual

Preferences: Guess I prefer cute and active boys, though I’m open to the idea of a cute and active girl.

Looking for …
quick fling relationship
one-night stand
long-lasting relationship
doesn't know (…I’ve seen a few cute guys and girls around, but I think it’s too early for that kinda stuff. ...Doesn't stop me from talking to them, though...hehe.)

(Quick note; everything from here down excluding the star-based statistics will be fixed in tomorrow.)

Habits in lust: …Now why would I say anything about that?

Notable turn-ons or turn-offs:  

Turn On's: People who are active/athletic, caring, understanding, joking, weird in a good way…that kinda stuff.

Turn Off's: Snobbish people, hands down. Nothing else comes to mind at the moment.

Relationship Status: ………Siiiiiiingle.

Previous Relationships: I got nothing.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:Wants them dead
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Best friend
:bulletblue:Interested in/Curious

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: || :bulletblue: || :bulletpurple: || :bulletyellow: Akihiko Sohma

…He seems nice and chill enough. …And hot enough. AHAHA what. I didn’t say anything, no. You must be tripping shrooms or something.

...But seriously, no. He's nice and gentle, and we actually go back. He's more of a brother figure to me.

:bulletblue: || :bulletwhite: || :bulletblack: || :bulletpurple: || :bulletyellow: Ren Sohma

I’ve heard some things about her, but I’ve yet to directly meet her yet. …The things I’ve heard have been somewhat negative for the most part, but I don’t really judge ‘til I get to meet the person at least once.


:bulletblue: || :bulletwhite: || :bulletblack: || :bulletred: || :bulletpurple: Makoto Sohma

….Only once I’ve seen him and his behavior. He kinda sets me off.


:bulletblue: || :bulletwhite: || :bulletpurple: || :bulletyellow: Panya Sohma

Someone I’d like to get to know better, I guess. Kinda curious about what I’ve heard of her.


:bulletblue: || :bulletwhite: || :bulletpurple: || :bulletyellow: Kyoko Sohma

Aha, a sugarhigh little girl, isn’t she? Haha. She seems fun enough.


:bulletblue: || :bulletwhite: || :bulletblack: || :bulletpurple: || :bulletyellow: Kiyoshi Sohma

Apparently he’s the head of the family, but I don’t exactly know how to feel about him juuuuust yet. Gotta get to know him better and stuff.

:bulletblue: || :bulletblack: || :bulletpurple: Hiroshi Sohma

…I haven’t even seen him before, but I’ve heard that he’s both a drug addict and an alcoholic that’s been to rehab a couple of times. So…I’m kinda iffy about him, but won’t make a clear statement on him until I meet him.


{Characterisation and Personality}

Personality Traits
(( :bulletred: ; personality flaw
 :bulletgreen: ; personality plus
 :bulletwhite: ; neutral grounds ))

Main Personality Traits; Talk to me and find out. I won't bite...unless you want me to...maybe...

Lesser Personality Traits;  Taaaaaaalk toooooo meeeeee //loud childish whining



Education: ...One of an advanced eighth grader? I dunno. Apparently I'm a high achiever, so...meh.

Abilities/Powers: ...Well, I kinda take after my brother in the whole parkour arts. Makes more sense for me, considering my animal and all. ...Oh, and there's also how I can actually turn into a monkey given the given circumstances. Duh.

Skills: ...Pfft, I dunno. You tell me.

How high is his/her IQ?: I have no earthly idea. AHA.




Brief Summary: Well, I was born on December 27th when Mom was still alive, and when both Mom and Dad were still together and stuff. Akihiko was maybe, like...I think four years old when I was born? Dad, Mom and I lived up in the mountains in Dad's cabin, while Aki kinda stayed down in the city with the rest of the Sohma's. Dad himself never visited him much, but I took a lot of visits with Mom whenever she went to see him. That's why we're still in a better sense of contact in comparison to Dad and Akihiko.

Anyways, while Dad and I were out one day (because he promised that he'd teach me all sorts of climbing and survival techniques), Mom went down to visit Akihiko. We found out later that day that the house that they were in burned down, and that everyone inside except for our mom was able to evacuate. I was devastated upon finding out, but Dad seemed to take it a lot worse. When he found out, he just...kinda...snapped. He was a really nice guy who was social, despite the fact that he was one of the only people who lived up in the mountains. After finding out that mom had died...he became a lot rougher and brutal personality-wise, perhaps even like a tyrant. I put up with it for several years, I am now, living at the Sohma residence.

...I guess I just got tired of it all.


{Relationship Stats}
Family: ...All of the Sohma's I guess...technically. Excluding Akihiko, since I know for sure we're blood related.
...What? I did say that he was more of a brother figure, didn't I?

Relationships: Akihiko as my blood brother, I guess.


{Abode & Possessions}

Home: Sohma residence
Former Houses / Living Areas: Dad's mountain cabin.
Roommate(s): All of the other Sohma's.
Other Living Areas Worth Noting: ...Well, there is that old burned-down site that Mom died at. I've visited it with Akihiko a few times, and other times by myself. I guess that's worth mentioning.


{Health / Diet}

Diet: I...honestly don't eat that much. But when I do, my meal normally consists of some meats and...bananas.
...God, not those kinda bananas, you dork. Ew.

Exercise: Lots of it. I mean...I climb and run around day by day.

Bad Habits: ...Probably a lot, but nothing comes to mind at the moment. Woops.
...Quick out of character; if you didn't get it, she's either kinda forgetful with her short-term memory, or is just lazy to try and remember things.

Physical Health Problems: Well...there's my arm. I think I said something about that before.

Mental Health Problems: I think I'm fine. Perfectly sane and all...nothing to worry about for now.

Hygiene: Well kept.



Fears / Triggers: Fire (makes sense after what happened to Mom, and ironic because of Akihiko), losing any other family...physical and mental abuse...I'm also a bit afraid of the dark, alongside lightning and thunder. ...No one knows about that except for Akihiko, though. Don't tell anyone, shhhh.

...Oh and on a completely unrelated note that doesn't even have to do with these fears and stuff, I did meet the other Sohma's a long while ago, before I was six. Ever since Dad snapped, I haven't really seen them since, though. ...Until now, at least.

...They're all so much older now. I kinda remember some of them, but I dunno if they'll remember me.


Kazuko Sohma belongs to me; no using her without my permission.

Base by MoshiPixels

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