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Takeshi found himself faceplanted into a tile floor after taking a small warp through the TV. He released a small groan of annoyance and pain before lifting his head up. His focused tightened and his senses were fully online and running once again. He let his eyes shift around for a little bit, and he saw many TVs and computers and such aligned along the room’s sides. A catchy tune rang through his ears, and that’s when he realized that he was in the tech isle of Inaba’s superstore, Junes.

After the realization struck him, Takeshi looked ahead of him. The group that had helped him out seemed to be looking at him, the first-year still being supported by Rise and Kanji. He slowly stood up then brushed his pants, then peered silently at the first-year through his new glasses. She appeared to be panting a little bit.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” the former idol asked in a slightly gentle tone. The ginger-dyed girl opened her mouth but no words came out. Instead, she continued trying to catch her breath while giving a small, tired nod. After she did so, Souji sighed in slight disappointment, and Chie shook her head and took several steps forward. She took the first-year’s arm and carefully helped her up to her feet.

“Not.Convinced.At all.” The bronze-headed girl said, looking the younger student in the eye. “Listen, Mister,” she began, unaware of the kid’s true gender “You’re going home right now. You need a good night’s rest right now – it’s pretty obvious that you do!” With those words, she began guiding the worn-out student to the exit of the tech isle. She came to a slow stop as she heard a call behind her.

“Aye, no need to worry. I’ll take her back. You don’t need to go through the trouble,” Takeshi said as he trailed briskly after the two. Before Chie was able to make out a reply, he let the Yasogami first-year balance herself on his left shoulder after carefully making the bronze-brunette haired girl let go. She cast a gaze over on the group leader for a moment, seeming unsure. As he gave her a silent nod, she blinked then backed off. Once he saw that she did so, Takeshi carefully guided the other student away. He came to a short halt, similar to Chie’s, as he took a turn to listen to a voice behind him.

“Hey!” Souji called. “Meet us in the food court tomorrow, and bring her with you if you can. We gotta discuss some stuff.” His grey eyes were locked onto Takeshi as he spoke.

The white-haired boy simply released a bored sigh, not bothering to turn around. “Whatever,” he said in reply, lifting his left hand up and making a gesture. After doing so, he and his groggy ‘companion’ made their way towards the entrance/exit of Junes.

As the group saw them off, a few moments of silence was shared between the eight. A suddenly enthusiastic Yosuke soon broke it, though. “So he’s a she, huh? Ooooooh, so are we having a situation similar to Naoto-kun’s?” the young, short-haired man started off excitedly. He turned to the guys of the group, oblivious to the girls’ dropped jaws. “Hey, you think she keeps her bust size hidden, like Naoto-kun d-AH!” he continued in a happy tone, only to be sharply cut off. He had received a punch to the face by none other than the current-panicked Naoto herself.

“Y-you imbecile!” the young, navy-haired woman said in a tone full of panic. “Yosuke-san, why must you be the ridiculous, perverted man you are?!” She turned around and walked behind the rest of the group with a slightly pink-tinted face. Yosuke was left rubbing his cheek, and everyone shared a good laugh.

Souji waltzed up to his partner in a similar fashion he had done within the TV. Hooking his right arm around the back of her figure, he pulled her towards his own physique once again. Though, one thing was different in contrast to the earlier, similar scene that occurred earlier. “Well, it’s nice to know you don’t really hide it anymore. They’re really fine, you know,” the silverette commented with a chuckle, his hand draping loosely over Naoto’s shoulder. His hand unfolded, and his index finger pointed to the risen area of cloth located upon her torso.

Naoto released a low, exaggerated sigh; it became slightly muffled as she brought her hands up to cover her face. While the group had erupted into another burst of friendly laughs, she simply remained quiet; her face buried within her palms as she fought to hide yet another awkward blush.

As this scene occurred in the higher floors of Junes, Takeshi and his schoolmate were currently making their way out of the base floor’s doors. They both continued out of the building slowly, mostly because Takeshi had to adjust to the younger student’s slow, tired pace. Several moments after they were exposed to the refreshing, countryside air of Inaba, the female stopped in her tracks. The white-haired boy soon followed the action.

“So,” the first-year started off, staring tiredly down at the ground as she spoke. “So…so, why are you doing this?” she asked. She could feel Takeshi’s sudden confusion, and released a quit, near silent sigh as she specified her question a tad further. “Okay, why’re you taking me home? You could’ve let that girl do this instead.”

Takeshi remained silent for several moments. He soon grunted and gave off a shrug, tugging the girl forward as a sign to shut up and continue forward. She did just so, and the two resumed walking in a brief period of silence. It wasn’t long before the silence was broken. “It’s just in my nature,” the third-year murmured, causing his schoolmate to take a glance at him as they strolled along.

“In your nature, huh?” The black-haired, ginger-marked student gave a small shake of her head before placing her gaze back in front of her. “I think that that’s kinda hard to believe,” she added, causing Takeshi to take his turn to make a glance at her.

The third-year shook his head then brought his gaze forward, similar to how the girl had done. He continued to look forward, with his stormy, grey-blue eyes peering through the lenses of his glasses, which, yes, were still on his face. “Eh…? How so?” he murmured a reply in a slightly happier tone. That slight happiness might’ve actually been a tone of small amusement from that remark.

“Well you obviously don’t look the type to be that way.” As she said this, the first-year could’ve sworn that she felt her senpai recoil with a small, barely noticeable jerk as they walked on. Being straightforward, huh? Oh, that kinda stings… the male thought to himself, giving a small shake of his head from side to side.

“Boy, thanks,” Takeshi said in a sarcastic tone, placing a small smile on his face. It soon faded away as the two entered yet another period of silence. It was once again broken by the third-year as he began to speak, this time in a lower, disturbingly serious tone. Like before, the two continued to make their way forward as the ashen-haired boy slowly brought himself to glance to the left and at his “companion.”

She seemed to feel eyes on her, so the first-year looked to her right to meet the boy’s gaze. A wave of shock was sent down her spine, though, as she saw his expression. Similar to an airing anime, it seemed as if a vein was, ever so slightly, bulging out of the older teen’s forehead. His right eye was slightly out of view, but she could tell that it was twitching a little bit. “Well…I guess it wasn’t ALL in my nature, I guess.” Takeshi took a moment to release a cold chuckle, which sent another shocking wave down the black-haired girl’s spine. “We still haven’t discussed what happened earlier, you know,” he continued, stressing out the last few words of the sentence out.

At that moment, the younger student seemed to slowly slip away. She began walking on her own, showing no traces of a limp. It was as if the incident in that other, strange world had never occurred. It was as if her energy level at the moment matched the level it had been earlier when she had been…oh, I don’t know…shoving people out of her way at school.

“U-uh…” she said nervously, beginning to walk at a faster pace. “Well…oh, that stuff can be discussed tomorrow. Hours from now. Yeah.” With those words, the female gave Takeshi a quick, nervous nod before going into a brisk stride forward.

All that Takeshi did was stop and let his gaze follow after her. A small, sadistic smile spread across his lips. The vein on his forehead had disappeared from view once again, but his right eye still seemed to be twitching a little bit. “Yeah, we sure as Hell are gonna discuss this tomorrow…” he muttered under his breath before making his way back to his own home.

The rest of his stroll was made alone, of course. Not that it was a bad thing. When he was alone outside, Takeshi usually spent it within his own world of bliss. He was doing just this at the moment. As he walked along the banks of the Samegawa River, which was approximately twelve minutes from his neighborhood, Takeshi slowed his pace down as he felt a cool, crisp breeze flow by. It was accompanied by a swirl of cherry blossoms swirling about, trailing behind it. As he continued forward slowly, the boy looked to the sky. The moon was gradually making a travel over to the western edge of the sky, and was beginning to set, shedding its remaining light across his small hometown. The scene was quite relaxing, as it had been the day the third-year went back to school. Nothing was occurring at all. Everything was simply…perfect.

He didn’t notice it, but for nearly the remainder of his travel period, Takeshi had a happy, lighthearted smile spread across his lips. The light breeze, the beauty of the dancing blossoms in the faint moonlight…it was just spectacular. Truth be told, the teen did enjoy things like this to a long extent. He kept this hidden from most people, though. What the first year had said earlier was very much true. “You obviously don’t look the type to be that way.” As the sort of “recording” of this remark swept through his mind, the boy’s smile seemed to slowly fade away, and he soon gave a small, slightly saddened sigh, ending his brief happiness.

It was then that he stepped upon the walkway of the Atozuke residence. A couple of cars were parked in the driveway, signaling that both of his parents were home. As he stopped right in front of the household’s main entrance, the ashen-headed male brought his gaze skyward. The sky high above still held a dark tint, but as Takeshi focused his gaze further, he could see a small trace of a deep navy tint. If his assumptions were correct, it should be bright morning in a few hours or so. Damn…so I was out for that long…?

Quickly, he gave his head a shake, released another sigh, this one more neutral than happy or sad, and then gripped the doorknob. When he turned it to both sides though, he released something. The door was locked, of course. And, since he hadn’t planned about any of this in-world TV fighting and all that crap happening, the highschool student hadn’t been prepared. His house keys were still on his desk, right next to his computer. Unless someone was up to answer at this time of day, Takeshi would have to wait a few hours until his mother and father left.

The now, slightly ticked-off teen slowly lifted his twitching right hand. He brought his knuckles to the wood of the front door, then waited for a few moments in high hopes that someone would answer.

“Crap…” Takeshi muttered under his breath, giving the back of his head a nervous scratch. No one had answered, and now he was growing slightly paranoid. He brought his hand up to the door once again in an attempt to give it a second knock. When he did so, he barely had enough time to prevent his hand from knocking against his father’s forehead as he opened the door. “Oh, hey Dad.” HALLELUJIAH SOMEBODY ANSWERED. As he said this casual greeting on the outside, the boy was sending high praises to the heavens like a damn storm on the inside.

“Take-kun, what’re you doing out there?” a tall, well-dressed man questioned the teen. Similar to Takeshi’s, he had a pure, snow-like hair color. His eyes were a little bit on the grey side, but still showed a slight similarity to his son’s. As he adjusted the tie currently wrapped around his neck, he began to speak again. “It’s six thirty…where have you been?”

Takeshi blinked, staying silent for a moment or two. He then shrugged as he slipped through the door. “Nothing, really. I woke up pretty early this morning,” the boy said, as he turned left, then tipped over to faceplant into a nearby couch. “You should know that when I wake up, I usually can’t go back to sleep,” he continued in a rather muffled voice, due to having a face full of couch cushion. “Thought I might as well wake up, so I went out for a walk.”

The older man gave his head a shake, casting his grey eyes upon his son once again. “Figures…you do that a lot.” He walked forward a step or two until he was in front of the couch. His knee lifted and slammed into the boy’s side with a small amount of strength, causing him to jerk in surprise and flip over to face his father. “I don’t want you doing this anymore, though. Not this early in the morning, at least,” the man said in a serious tone. “We just got a case in at the office. You remember Adachi, that guy involved in those cases five years back? Well, it seems he’s disappeared out of thin air. He was brought into the interrogation room for a quick questioning. The officers with him stepped outside for a quick discussion of what the guy said, but when they came back in, he was gone. No way he could’ve slipped past the door, or gone out of a window, because one; the guys were standing in front of the door and two; there were no windows whatsoever in the room.”

The younger, white-haired male blinked and remained silence in response to what his father just said. “Alright, so…?” he said in a bored, non serious tone. He stationed his right elbow atop one of his knees then balled his hand into a fist, setting the bottom of his chin upon it. As he did so, the boy’s grey-glue eyes stared up into the ones of his father.

“So…? So, I’m worried about you, Son. You should know that.” After finally adjusting his tie to his heart’s content, the older, taller man let his gaze pierce down on the younger boy harder than before. This caused small recoil from his son, and THAT caused a small smile to fold over his lips…for a moment, at least. “Adachi’s confessed to all his crimes, that he’s done. But it still doesn’t change the damn fact that he killed two people. And since he’s apparently escaped, he’s a threat to everyone around, seeing that he’s capable of murder. If you’re gonna take these strolls, at least leave a message with us so we know where you are, or go with a friend or something.”

Takeshi gave another sigh and nodded reluctantly. “Fine, whatever. Now, changing subjects…where’s Mom?” The teen brought himself to his feet and brought his hands skyward, clasping his hands together as he gave himself a good stretch. He began making his way towards the stairs for a small, household search for his mother, but soon stopped himself at the base of the stairs. A woman was clicking down the steps in a pair of heels. She was neatly dressed, wearing dress-like clothing with a white jacket over. She had a slightly darkened shade of blonde in her hair, as well as a pair of icy, blue eyes.

She quickly stepped onto the floor down below and gave the teen a peck on the cheek, causing him to give off a slightly annoyed groan. As he rubbed any traces of saliva from his skin, the woman hurriedly shuffled over to the kitchen counter and set her purse down. “Hi, Take-kun,” she said as she turned around to face the boy.

“Mom,” the boy gave his single-worded greeting, giving a nod as he did. A small smile could be seen on his lips now as he looked back and forth from each of his parents. “So…I’m guessing you guys are about to leave, right?” Takeshi said, making his way behind the kitchen counter. He said his elbow on the counter, and as he had done earlier, balled his hand into a fist and propped the bottom of his chin upon in. She’s oblivious to the fact that I just got back…

”That we are. We’re gonna be even later than we are right now if we don’t,” Takeshi’s father gave a nod in his son’s direction as he picked a jacket up from the couch. He slung it over his shoulder and headed over to the door, waiting for his wife to follow after. As soon as she picked up her purse, the man swung the door open and waited for the woman to hastily click outside in her heels before stepping out himself. “Oh, Take-kun. Make sure to call up your sister sometime today. It might be nice for her to hear a little congratulation for that interview that happened yesterday.”

‘Oh yeah…it was on the news yesterday.’ “Yeah, I watched part of it yesterday morning. I’ll make sure to do that. Bye, Dad.” The boy brought himself around the kitchen counter and to the door, dragging his feet along the carpet. He lifting his right hand a little bit and gripped the inner knob of the door. As he saw his father turn away and walk over to one of the cars in the driveway, Takeshi gave a small nod before shutting the door and locking it.

He released a loud, long yawn before taking a glance at a clock. Everything that had just happened now with his father and mother had taken roughly half an hour…damn. It was still only seven, though. Roughly an hour ‘til he had to get going. After giving his neck a couple of cracks, he slowly made his way up the stairs.

The boy strode into his room after reaching the house’s second floor. His eyes shifted about, taking a glance at all of his belongings. The TV was the same…his computer was still on, and his mp3 player was still charging. Everything was still the same as he had left it before he make an unexpected trip to that other world. To pass the time, Takeshi decided to maybe surf the web for a little while. He walked over to his desk chair and pulled it out. Once he gave out another yawn, he sat down and quickly scooted himself closer to the table.

Only a few moments after, his head hung downwards as he became unconscious.
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Yeah, I did say you should expect it. o3o Anyways, this is my last edited portion so far. When I get back from home today, I'll probably be working on Part Seven...that is, if I'm not working on Awakening. Which...I may be. o3o

I changed a few paragraphs in here again. Like in Part Four (I think it's Part Four), the changed paragraphs are marked by a "-"


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Ehhh so yeah. Part six. Part seven's probably gonna involve a meeting with Yu and the others. Meh.

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