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United States
||Ryan||Fourteen Years||Male||Taken||

RWBY: Ruby Rose by v--anRWBY: Weiss Schnee by v--anRWBY: Blake Belladonna by v--anRWBY: Yang Xiao Long by v--an
yep im a beacon student in my own little world bro
fckin yes


Yo, there. name's Ryan Arc.
...Mind you, 'Arc' is just a shortened version of my last name.
My true last name really means 'altar of heaven,' if I remember correctly.
...Either that, or clay.

I'm fourteen years of age, born on the fifth day of the first month.
My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Rabbit, while the Eastern Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
I hold great interests within music, art, creative writing, and astrology.
I aim to be an author when I'm older; perhaps a manga illustrator alongside that.
Looping back to the musical interests; I listen to music through all genres.
My favorite genres spread through Jpop, Kpop, and Cpop.
Least favorite genre is country, but I listen to it on occasion anyways.
Pretty much the computer freak out of my friends offline.
I get a weird urge to pimpsmack anyone who disses anime. Beware.
I am of primarily Filipino, Korean, and German blood.
I keep up with Roleplay forums to keep my 'literary flare' in check.
I've made a few, and joined many.
I'm currently active day-by-day on .
My username there is xHavenx.

will edit this further
way later
laziness wins im srry hgvjh
i signed thanatos up for that rwby forum i keep mentioning
and he is currently in a thread that involves
several people being trapped in an insanity ward
such a place for him am i right

the thread master just kicked a few creatures called beowolves into the fray
and decided to have four of them attack than
he said to auto hit all we wanted so

kinda sloppy because i was half asleep when I wrote this (just now coughs) but pffff


Thanatos quickly got to work on ridding of his first target. Quickly after he gave it a chest jab that seemed to have punctured the ribcage, he freely took a strong claw that laded across his own torso, its will strong enough to rib through the fabric of his clothing and leave a good gash. At this strike, however, the sadist's outline simply intensified. His parameters boosted with the more blood that he drew, the lad ducked one last time when dealing with this specific target of his, giving the beast before him a strong uppercut. This action was paired with a gut-churning crack, signaling that the thing's jaw had been cracked and possibly even smacked out of place. As it gave one last, agonizing howl, the boy whipped his right leg around, striking it in its gut with such force that it floor back a couple of feet. It would land within the interior of his own keeping cell, its head the first to hit the wall, with blood and another skull-splitting crack, quite literally, echoing throughout the halls upon impact.

Once he had finished his business with his initial victim the brawler would shift his attention toward the remaining trio. His grin grew ever wider, a laugh of insanity roaring through the hallways as he spotted two rushing at him. He immediately ducked as the first arrived, finding himself by its right hind paw as it rushed passed. The corresponding hand of his shot outward, harshly grasping it by the shin and lifting it it from the ground as he did the same. Rather than using his hands for this next beating, he decided to use one of the creatures. As the other arrived the teen quickly swung the held Beowolf around, strongly connecting its skull with the other's. A mess of howling and whining would occur as this happened. Soon after the first strike he would land a second, releasing the beast that he held within his grasp while doing so, causing it to fly into the second one of interest at the moment. They would collide, the front falling onto the one behind it and pinning it against the floor on impact. With a loud, sadistic warcry, Ryan immediately bound forward, taking a quick jump to the wall to his right for leverage. He would kick off of it as swiftly as he had arrived, giving the restricted beast beneath the first a quick stomp to the face. Its cries ended abruptly. Seeing as the brute that he had tossed into the other appeared to have some life within it, as it released several weak yet blood-curdling growls, the chap bent down and grasped it by the ankle one last time. Swinging it around with a single arm and hand, it would crash into the wall forcefully, painting it with its blood upon contact instantly.

After the partial group had been finished, the revolutionist shifted his attention to the remaining afar. Its structure seemed slightly larger and more toned, thus driving him to assume that this was the...'alpha' of the quad, for say. A loud howl escaping its throat, the lad soon found it bounding towards him with much more vigor than the previous three. Continuing his maniacal cackles, he would assume a combat stance once again as he awaited the beast's arrival. As soon as it came within a necessary distance it lunged toward him and, as a result, Than himself leaned to the left. While doing so he brought his right leg into the air once more, kicking it forward with immense levels of strength, right across its gut. Upon impact it would process a rather awkward, airborne flip before falling onto the floor seconds afterwards. Wasting no time he would reach down, grasping it by one of its hind paws as he had done to the other. In a rapid succession he would whip it around freely, smashing its frame against every barricade around him; the walls, his cell door, the floor beneath him. It was a blood fest as this happened.

Deciding that enough was enough for that moment, he gave the canine a toss upward and forward somewhat, sending it soaring through the air. He ran after it swiftly, pulling his right hand into a tight fist while layering the left in front of it as if using it for padding. Inches away from the wolf, he would give both arms of his a strong swing, smacking the thing across the hall with such a stance that made it seem like he was playing a harmless game of baseball. It would soar across the hallway, past the cells Mastema had just exited alongside the one that Fionn and Emilia were in, before crashing into the dead end of the hall afar. Its frame would crash harshly against the end of the hall, leaving a small dent and blood splattered around said fracture before falling against the ground, face first. Heaving one last, psychotic chain of laughter, the scarf-clad lad would turn his head to the side while keeping his gaze upon the corpse afar, spitting a mixture of blood and saliva onto the floor.

"Ahah...sorry, not sorry."
  • Listening to: We Are Bulletproof Part 2 - BTS
  • Watching: childrens cartoons woops
  • Drinking: sweet tea

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