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United States
Earth Rabbit||Capricorn||Fourteen Years||Bisexual||Single

Yoooo, there.
Name's Whisper. You want my real name, then go ahead and ask.
Can't quite guatantee that you'll get an answer, though.

I'm fourteen years of age, turning fifteen on the next coming January 5th. When school kicks back into session, I'll be entering as a highschool freshman.

My primary hobbies reside within reading and illustrating. My goal is to become an author when I'm of an appropriate age; either that, or a manga illustrator, if not hopefully both. Should those two career paths fail for whatever reason, then my backup plan is to enlist into the military. If I can't pursue my life toward the careers that I wish to take part in, perhaps if I'm too low-skilled for the task, then I would gladly devote my life to the protection ofy home country.

I do Roleplay, yes, though not nearly as much now as I had in the past. Even when I do Roleplay nowadays, I'd prefer that it be human Roleplay; no cats, wolves, or animals of any sort, for that matter. I've lost my interest for most animal Roleplays, and find human Roleplay much easier to do, anyways.

Being a proud-ass Capricorn, I understand that I may be quite sarcastic at times, and maybe a bit too mature for my age...when I wish to be, that is. Understand that my humor is somewhat offensive to some, though I truly don't mean any harm by the words that I speak.

I am somewhat of a gamer; yes. Nowadays, I'm more interested in diving into a good JRPG. My current favorite wpuld be Persona 4 Golden, though I still do enjoy other JRPG's such as Persona 3, Fire Emblem, games from the Tales series...the types of games with a strongly-built and emotionally-tied storyline, alongside some strategy and whatnot.

Of course, just because I'm biased towards games of this genre doesn't mean that I dislike games from every other one. I actually like to play a good amount of shooters and crap like that. My brother and I have an Xbox 360, a PS3, and a Wii (somewhere), as well as a lot of other portable and older consoles lying around the house...God knows where.

Aaaaand...I'll update this later.
Deviantart is kind of a douche to me and fucks its shit when I try to update any parts of my page on my laptop.
Soooo...I'm doing all of this on my phone.
And doing a huge pain in the ass.
So far;

.::Main Party::.

Takeshi Kurogane - Seventeen Years - Third Year
Arcana ||| Fool
Also represents ||| Death ; Tower
Reference is traditional.

Tsuki Arai - Sixteen Years - Second Year - Band
Arcana ||| Wheel of Fortune
Persona ||| Tyche - Greek Goddess
Reference base:

Akihiko Tatsukawa - Seventeen Years - Third Year - Same class ; Dance
Arcana ||| Death
Persona ||| Kanghui - Chinese figure
Sidenotes: Alternate version of Akihiko Sohma; appearance is the same as Akihiko Sohma, with minor tweaks.

Zahra Doku Aada(?) - Fifteen Years(?) - First Year(?) - Random Encounter(?)
Arcana ||| Sun(?)
Sidenotes: Nia's character

Isamu Takemori - Sixteen Years - Second Year - Basketball
Arcana ||| Tower
Persona ||| Victim(?) - Customized
Reference base:

Kazuko Nagatani - Fifteen Years - First Year - Kendo
Arcana ||| Chariot
Persona ||| Tyrea - Norse God Genderbend(?)
Sidenotes: Kazuko Sohma revamp.
Reference base:
Hair isn't official.
Eyes aren't official.
Take away jacket(?)

Takeru Fukuno - Seventeen Years - Third Year - Same class
Arcana ||| Magician
Persona ||| Sun Wukong - Chinese figure
Sidenotes: Initial character design goes to a supportive character.
Reference base: or

Kohaku Takishimo - Sixteen Years - Second Year - Random Encounter; Roof
Arcana ||| Temperance
Persona ||| Libra - Based off of starsigns
Reference base:

Miyako Hirohashi - Seventeen Years - Third Year - Same class
Arcana ||| Devil
Persona ||| Azanigin
Reference base:
Continue editing attire.

***Post on organization account sometime.***
***Update some character profiles.***
***Begin working on Prologue and Chapter One.***

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strawberryblume Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
uhhhh pretty well

what has been going on
has school already started where you live
on a scale of 1 to reader insert fanfiction how much does it suck?
WhisperTheChosen Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
it has started yes
i got lost to health class on my first day woops
and maybe like
idk 3 or 4
i dont really think it sucks that much i mean
i kinda like school

..but getting up earlier than i did last year does suck
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GetBackInTheCloset Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
apparently in order to get points on here i have to interact and stuff
DupIicity Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist… HA


WhisperTheChosen Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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