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is this shit being redone
yes it is
(for those who are interested prepare for a crapton of reading jesus christ)

are you happy now nia goddamn

I realize now that I kinda have to know who'd be interested in signing up before I actually get to work on creating a great deal of characters to fill possible spaces. I mean...knowing me, I always make detailed profiles of my characters.

It would be a shame to just have shit go to waste if I find out that one specific character that I really like had its place taken, so...yeah.

To prevent that from happening, I'm posting the signups here while I'm still finishing my main characters and the plotline for the first story Arc.

On the off chance you're interested on signing up a character, know a few things:

***Kage Sekai is my own little story series based off of Persona 4, created by Atlus. You may wanna read up on the game in general a bit to get a slight feel of what it'll be like. Of course, it won't be exactly like how it happened in-game event for event; I'll have my own things going on. But it's just to get the gist of what the story will be like.

***The locations used in Persona 4 and maybe even Persona 3 will be used in this story, too. I'll work on getting a description of all the areas introduced in-game up here soon, alongside some other places that I'm planning on creating and adding, but if you wanna get the jump on things, you should probably read up on some the locations and areas seen in Persona 4, but only the ones located around Inaba, as well as Okina City. Info can be found on the wiki.
(Inaba:… )
(Okina:… )

***This will have a great deal to do with Arcana representation; specifically things pertaining to the Major Arcana in a standard deck of Tarot cards. Note that your character will be taking up one of the twenty-two Arcana that will be listed later. Each Arcana represents specific qualities, so those qualities should be seen in the personality of the character you sign up. Small descriptions of each Arcana will be listed in a little while, most likely on my other account for the sake of organization. This journal will be updated when I have the full list.

***There will be two 'categories' of characters that I'll allow people to sign up as: main and supportive. Main characters are...well, main, obviously. They will be apart of the Persona-using group that will be conducting the investigations occurring within the story. Note that I will only allow a maximum of maybe eight other main characters to be created by others and accepted into the plot. Why? Well...I mean, I already have two Persona users of my own; maybe three, if I decide to make a character currently forming within my mind. That plus the eight maximum that I'm allowing would total up to eleven, and...that's...kind of a big group. The supportive characters will more than likely be students from the same high school that the main characters attend, people who work in shops, acquaintances from my character's job, etc. They, of course, will be incapable of using a Persona, and are for more of a social aspect, for say, alongside maybe a one-on-one character building thing. They will no nothing of the big picture concerning the group of main characters...unless I decide to shift the story suddenly to spice things up, that is.

***Specific to the main characters. You will have to create your own custom Persona for your character to use. I wondered about a character's Persona and how it would work out the first time I did this, debating whether or not they could choose from the existing Persona or create their own. Seeing as a Persona more or less reflects their host in some way, I've come to the decision that you will have to create your character's Persona, alongside the character his self/herself. I've found that some characters' Personas in the game were based somewhat off of Gods, Goddesses, or other deities, so if you're having trouble, just base your Persona off of such things, and even name them after the being that has your inspiration. (An example being that, if you're the Death Arcana, you name your Persona Thanatos after the Greek God of Death, and give said Persona an appearance that resembles both the Arcana and your character. ...Of course, don't base yours off of Thanatos or give it that name, as it was already done in Persona 3. Canon stuff.) Note that the appearance is shaped by your character's inner emotions and thoughts, alongside the Arcana that your character represents, and that it's up to you to make your Persona...well, your Persona. ...Or, rather, your character's.

***You will have to create a decent background for your character. Remember this. No, it isn't optional like it is for some story applications. YOU HAVE TO CREATE A SEMI-DETAILED TO FULLY DETAILED BACKGROUND OF YOUR CHARACTER. Not just any, happy-go-lucky, everything is fine type of history, either. It will have to involve some type of fear and negativity or things of that sort that has caused your character some inner pain and depression that they haven't really been able to shake off. The history is important, ESPECIALLY if your character is one of the Persona users.

***Oh, yeah. One character per Arcana. No Arcana doubling; sorry.

***This isn't a strict rule to be followed, but I'd strongly prefer for main characters to attend the same high school. So long as they all attend the highschool in the story - Yasogami Highschool - it doesn't matter what year they're in. First year students start their school year at fifteen years of age and end at sixteen years of age. Second years start at sixteen and end at seventeen, and third (and last) years start at seventeen years and end their schooling at eighteen years. Typically, at least. This little thing is just for the sake of easy contact between the main characters.


(Major Arcana; Available and Unavailable for character signup.)

Basic traits represented by each Arcana, as well as info on Tarot cards themselves:…

Link to the Arcana descriptions: To come. Journal will be updated when I've posted it.

The Fool || Takeshi Kurogane (Character by yours truly.)

The Magician || N/A

The High Priestess || N/A

The Empress || N/A

The Emperor || N/A

Hierophant || N/A

Lovers || N/A

Chariot || N/A

Strength || N/A

Hermit || N/A

Wheel of Fortune || Tsuki Arai (woops hi another one of my characters)

Justice || N/A

Hanged Man || N/A

Death || N/A

Temperance || N/A

Devil || N/A

Tower || N/A

Star || N/A

Moon || N/A

Sun || N/A

Judgement || Reserved for plot.

World || Takeshi Kurogane ; Reserved for plot.

***Some people have characters from the first time that I did this. Should they still be interested in this and wish for their characters to hold the same Arcana that they did the first time, I'll gladly reserve the Arcana that they previously held. If I get no word from the people who initially signed up saying that they want a reservation or are no longer interested, then that Arcana will remain open either until I close signups and make my own character to fill the spot, or someone else creates a character for that Arcana.


So. Fill this out if you wanna sign a character up. (Slots marked with * are optional.)





*Sexual Orientation: (Optional, yeah. If you skip this, I'll just assume your character is straight.)


Character Category: (Main or supportive.)

Persona: (Remember; only for main characters, so either leave blank or delete this slot if creating a supportive character. And since we're going through with the whole custom Persona business, provide a physical description of the Persona. Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be a humanoid figure; it could be an animal, anthro, etc.)






Fear(s): (Yep, this is seriously a requirement. Minimum of two. Again, this story has a lot to do with inner emotions and inner negativity, so fears will be tossed around here and there. ..........or will just be acknowledged to spite characters for humor in some situations coughs)

*Any family worth mentioning?:

*In a relationship?: (Yes or No or friends with benefits idfk)

Would you mind me pairing your character with another?: (sssshhhhh sorry bro i like to ship stuff. Just say yes or no here, too; I'll respect your decision if you say no.)

Choose one of the following: (Fire, ice, wind, lightning, darkness, light.)

*Anything else I should know?:
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