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Decided that I'm too lazy to actually revise all of this even though I can now update it through something other than my phone, sooooo...

again just a little thing for me just in case my computer goes haywire or some other shit happens

tis in first person since why the hell not i mean fuck it man


Huh-? What, are we ready to go, now?
…We are? Hnn…do I really have to do this..?
…Aaaaaaah…fine, fine; just stop your bitching. Let’s get this over with…

Well…let’s see. My name – my first and birthname – is Jeon Jaeseung. Mind you that it’s surname then first name in this case. The name that I’m more commonly known as here in America, though, is Victus Ethyn Cheon. As of now, I’m nineteen years old, going on twenty come August eighth of next year. Obviously, I’m a guy, you fucking retard.

I said a few seconds ago, I have two names. One sounds more foreign than the other, right? Well, that's because it is. While Victus is my American name, Jaeseung is my...first name. Kudos is you know that it's Korean; you deserve a fucking huge, glittering gold star with unicorns shitting rainbows all around it. Heh. Yeah. Totally. Congrats.

Eeeeeeh...anywho, on with this thing, I guess. As you could probably guess from now, I'm not from America. I was born in Soul, Korea. ...Oh wait, I'm sorry; South Korea. Not North. No, South Korea isn't the "bad" half of Korea. Tch...racist little pieces of fucking shits...


...My direct family is somewhat averagely-sized. We're somewhat apart, now - Hell, a fucking ocean apart - but we still keep in contact and whatnot. My parents go by the names of Jeon Jaehyuk - my father - and Jeon Hyeso (formerly Kyon Hyeso) - my mother. I'm the first and, obviously, eldest child of theirs. Then, there's my younger sister, Jeon Hyeyeon or, better known nowadays by her American name, Kathryn Cheon. Both of us were born in the same city in which we basically spent our entire childhood in, though Hyeyeon was born roughly four years after I was. So...yeah. Those year differences.

My parents were U.S citizens at one point. They, too, were born and raised in Seoul, though after they met, got married, and ensured they would be capable of self-support, they moved to America for and after a while. They took whatever thing you take to become a citizen after terminating their citizenships in Korea and lived in the States for some time. Eventually, my mom got pregnant with...well, yours truly. Yeah. After a while, I'd grown a good amount in the womb, and Mom and Dad decided to visit our other relatives back in Korea to tell them about the extremely belated news and to catch up.

Yep. During their visit, I started kickin' and giving one Hell of a fight. Heh. After a few hours and a short-notice trip to the hospital, I was born. Everyone was cheerful and shit as they normally are when there's a new kid, but my birth did set my parents' plans back a bit so they had to stay with our family in Korea a bit longer for support. Like...a lot longer. Four or five fucking years long.

I would've gone to America sooner if something hadn't come up.
Guess what it was? Mom was pregnant again.

Yeaaaaaaaaah, Mom and Dad love each other a lot. ...They just expressed it a bit too much when they were younger. Buuuuut, whatever. Because of Hyeyeon's birth-to-be, we ended up staying in Korea for a few more years. Which...actually ended up totally up to thirteen years by the end of our stay in Asia. Yeah. The old folks were a little iffy about the situation, so they decided to just stay in Seoul. ...Again. Through that time, Hyeyeon and I began and went through our studies in Korea. ...Like a lot of Koreans, we also picked up some hobbies.

...Specifically in music and dancing.
What? We can release our inner Kpop if we want. Fucking excuse you, fuckass.

Yeah, but anyways. Around the time I was thirteen, our family decided to finally haul ass back to the States. So...after saying our goodbyes to our aunts, uncles, cousins, and the rest of them, we all traveled overseas - my parents for, like...the third time, and Hyeyeon and I for the first, obviously. Honestly, my views of America nowadays go along the lines of, "This place sucks ass," and, ""Holy mother of fucking shit, why did I even bother to stay here?" At that time, though...I really was awed and intrigued - in a good way, of course. America was so...different than it was - and still is, actually - back home in Korea. In more ways than one. Things were less strict, the people seemed a bit more easier-going in some was just a pretty nice refresher.

We headed to the house that my parents owned the last time they were in America, and ended up staying there for a while. After getting settled in, my sister and I resumed our schooling - which kinda confused both of us for a little bit because the grade system, works a bit differently here than it does in Korea. I mean, we were put in the correct grade by the end of things, but...holy fucking Hell, man.

But, yeah. After finding a replacement dance academy and music studio for us to attend for hobbies, the two of us continued our studies in America for the next two years. We ended up attending a decent nearby school in Michigan, as it's where we stayed for a while. While continuing learning the English language with extra tutors and specialized school schedules - I say continuing because we also took some English tutoring back in Seoul, too - we spent the next year or two brushing through life in the States. It was...kinda cool, I guess. We made some good friends that came and went.


...But...there were a lot of lows - and I mean rock fucking bottom lows - that I went through. Truth be told, I, uh...I...was actually the type of kid that was labeled as showoff, but still a goody-two-shoes..kind of a weird combination, but...yeah, it's hard to believe, right? was actually true. Aside from the somewhat lewd and immature sense of humor that I still have today, I really was the type of kid who was concerned for everyone but always strove to be the center of attention, so I was mistaken for both that good kid and an arrogant jackass by a lot of people all the time. Eventually, everyone began talking about it and, as things often seem to go between gossiping teenagers, things turned somewhat drastically in a negative way. Those who saw me as the somewhat shy and goody-two-shoes type began to tease me nonstop, while those who saw me as a showoff shunned me a lot and just rejected me. Hell, even some of the fucking friends that I managed to make at the time ditched me to join their crowds. It...just...hurt. It really fucking did, dammit.

My grades were still kept well in the green and I continued on with my hobbies day by day, but I ended up becoming a quiet crybaby at school during my first year of schooling in America. Every day, I just went to school, endured all the shit that the other kids had to throw at me, went to dance or music lessons if the day called for it, and just went home in silence with the remarks and insults that everyone threw at me still haunting my mind and scarring me down to the core. Again. It hurt.

By the second year of schooling, though - and a a while after I turned fifteen - I just thought, "...Fuck it." I decided that I didn't care about what anyone said. If they screwed with me, I would screw with them back. I wouldn't take their shit anymore and would actually take a stand for myself. It was around that time that I created the sort of behavior that I have today; the whole "fuck you," and, "get the fuck away from me," type of attitude that I put on toward a lot of people - both new acquaintances and friends alike. It wasn't too long after that whole revelation of mine that my parents decided to tell us that they were planning to move back to Korea...for good. After spending the last two years in America after their visit back to Seoul, they decided that they'd rather live the rest of their time in the place they were born and raised. Because of that, they already planned to terminate their citizenship in the United States and reapply for citizenship in South Korea.

After a lot of thought, I decided to stay in the States because...well, I just wanted to see everyone's reactions to my new attitude. I wanted to see them get pissed off at me the same way that I got internally pissed off at them. I wanted them to experience the same type of dread and agony that I experienced with each insult and rumor they started about me. So...that's why I wanted to stay. And I did. As for Hyeyeon, though...she decided to haul back to Korea with our parents. I couldn't blame her at the time, though; she was only eleven at the time. It was natural for a kid her age to not want to be separated from her parents. I respected the fact that she wanted to head back, so...I just said my goodbyes. Of course, I was really internally saddened by her decision, though. She was really the only other person I was able to talk to and have fun with; it came along with the whole sibling bond thing, and was emphasized with the fact that we had to look out for each other after landing in a new country.

So, yeah. They left. Before they did, though, they sold the house in Michigan, and I got to talk to my little sister one last time. The conversation was smooth at first, but slowly went downhill as I kinda let my new dickish attitude get the best of me and surface as we chatted. The whole thing evolved into an argument soon that ended with her screaming the words, "I hate you," at me in the heat of the moment. Safe to say that I was crushed beyond belief when it happened, and the fact that the last conversation face to face that we had for the next four years was...that...didn't make things any better. They were gone soon after, and I ended up flying to Nevada to stay with some of our other relatives that had been in the U.S for some time by then. The house belonged to an aunt and uncle of mine, and also housed a couple of their kids - my cousins. But, they ended up leaving after a while; the older folks began working out of the city and state, while their kids traveled away to study at some out-of-state colleges. Despite the fact that my relatives were still paying the bills for the house, I was basically on my own. ...It...was lonely. I'll admit that.

After getting settled in, I started looking into some other schools to attend. That's when I found the DWMA. Noticing that it wasn't like the normal schools that I was used to, I decided to look into the Academy, and eventually got around to taking a little tour before enrolling myself. I continued on with the whole douchebag attitude that I made for myself, but it was obvious that there wouldn't be anymore business like teasing or that sort of shit. But...I already made a promise to myself back in Michigan. I would stand up for myself no matter what. I wouldn't cry anymore. So...I kept the act up, sealing the inner concern that I had for those that I somehow managed to befriend through the years. I mean, it's still there, but it just...comes out a lot less often than it normally does nowadays. ...Y'know, because I'm normally too busy being a dick and cursing everyone out, now.

(yada yada ill finish this later at school after i jot the rest down in my literary notebook ill go to sleep now though)

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