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||Ryan||Fourteen Years||Male||Taken||

RWBY: Ruby Rose by v--anRWBY: Weiss Schnee by v--anRWBY: Blake Belladonna by v--anRWBY: Yang Xiao Long by v--an
yep im a beacon student in my own little world bro
fckin yes


Yo, there. name's Ryan Arc.
...Mind you, 'Arc' is just a shortened version of my last name.
My true last name really means 'altar of heaven,' if I remember correctly.
...Either that, or clay.

I'm fourteen years of age, born on the fifth day of the first month.
My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Rabbit, while the Eastern Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
I hold great interests within music, art, creative writing, and astrology.
I aim to be an author when I'm older; perhaps a manga illustrator alongside that.
Looping back to the musical interests; I listen to music through all genres.
My favorite genres spread through Jpop, Kpop, and Cpop.
Least favorite genre is country, but I listen to it on occasion anyways.
Pretty much the computer freak out of my friends offline.
I get a weird urge to pimpsmack anyone who disses anime. Beware.
I am of primarily Filipino, Korean, and German blood.
I keep up with Roleplay forums to keep my 'literary flare' in check.
I've made a few, and joined many.
I'm currently active day-by-day on .
My username there is xHavenx.

will edit this further
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laziness wins im srry hgvjh
Thought I may as well post what I have as of now.
It continues right off of the point that I stopped at before.
May or may not post the next part(s); I dunno.


            Leafy eyes would be cast downward at the other’s words. They would soon seal rather tightly, displaying the trouble that the handmaid was feeling at that moment in time. “I…I…”

            His gaze dulled out, the ‘magician,’ of sorts, breathed faintly. “Alright, look. If you’re not up to the task, then I’ll gladly revoke this proposal of mine and leave you be for now.” With a wave of his hand, the pure-formed gown behind him began to disperse into ashes.

            “…I’ll do it.”

            At this quiet remark, the man slowly closed his hand, seeming to cease the process within his shadow. Eyes of a midnight violet would shift over, meeting the girl’s.

            Noticing this action, Cathryn gave an unsteady sigh. Her throat cleared up in order to make her tone clear. “I’ll do it. I’ll…kill the prince, so long as I can enjoy the ball for not just a single night.”

            Grinning the slightest bit yet again, the older man gave a quick nod. He reversed the aging condition of the dress that was being wasted and, with the flick of his wrist, a new, small ring of fire would surround it. It spun around the article of clothing, diminishing within a surge of heated energy, as well as a bright flash. Left within its midst was the dress, equally as beautiful as it was prior to its initial charring.

            “Excellent!” Godfather exclaimed, the happiness within his voice present once more. Quickly he would lift the same hand that he had used to create the clothing earlier, tucking a couple of fingers within his mouth before releasing a strong blow. As a result, a high whistle sounded through the night.

            Moments later, a loud neigh would sound from the forest nearby, causing Cathy to think that her family was already back – possibly because they may have forgotten something. Her thoughts would soon change, however, as a different carriage emerged from the shaded trees/ Out would come a completely different, yet beautifully elegant carriage, led forward by a couple of majestic, ashen-haired stallions by the reigns. Upon their arrival, the apparent fairy bounded towards them, kicking off from the ground and grasping hold of the front of the cart. He hauled himself up, taking a seat behind the animals before raking a hold of the reigns that bound them.

            “We depart in five minutes, Ms. Achard,” he called out, moving his hand across the air. Similar to how the dolls of a puppeteer followed the movements of their master, the clothes of ignition that the chap had left behind glided through the air at the horseman’s motion. “Go on and get dressed; quickly, quickly!”

            Taking hold of the new dress slowly, the girl glanced at her escort and his complete enthusiasm. Giving a long, seemingly reluctant nod, she withdrew back within her house, the clothing that she was to wear light within her grasp. …What have I gotten myself into…?

            Within the promised time permitted, Cathy would find herself sitting inside of the carriage that the illusionist had seemingly summoned for her. Her faze would be directed eastbound, allowing her to gander through the lone window of the coach and at the passing scenery nearby as it rolled along. The beating of hooves against the earth would fill her ears, and she simply sealed her eyes for a little while as she listened to the lone sound.

            “We have arrived, Cathryn.”

            At these words, the maid unveiled verdant voids yet again. The sight of a castle entrance, as well as the glistening lights of the ballroom within, would catch her attention. A simple, soft,” Wow,” was the only thing to escape her lips as she stared at everything in awe. Her gaze shifted toward the carriage door as she noticed its movement from the corner of her eye. Once she had fully turned to see the source of the action, she found herself looking at her guiding Godfather who had, by then, departed from his seat up front to open the coach entrance.

            Giving the fellow a mellow smile, she would rise from her seat without much haste, muttering a few, inaudible words under her breath.

            Noticing that she had said something though hadn’t caught it within his ears, Godfather tilted his head. “Did you say something, Ms. Achard?”

            As if snapping herself quickly from a daze, the lass quickly and rather frantically gave a reply. “Oh, no…nothing at all.” She faked these words with a forged grin of her own. “Does it seem that way?”

            Staring mutely at the maid, the illusionist would give a soft sigh, releasing his grip of the coach door and shaking his head faintly. “Worry not about your task, Cathryn,” spoke he. “For now, at least. You said that you wished to enjoy the ball for more than a single eve, and I have agreed to your conditions. You have until midnight upon the last night of the ball; if you fail to succeed your part in our little bargain, however, I’ll bring myself to arrange other matters for you. But I will have to restrict you to leave by midnight upon each night, to prevent your focus from straying too far from your task and whatnot. Should you stay past your curfew, I’ll arrange something certainly negative for you. I suppose I should have mentioned this to begin with.”

            Having grown silent at his words, the worker continued to return his own gaze wordlessly, a small tinge of unease still flickering within laurel eyes. Seeing as the girl was still somewhat hesitant of moving from her space, the chap quickly stepped up and began helping her down.

            “Like I said, worry not,” the man spoke, giving the lass a gentle pat on the back as soon as he guided her to the ground. “I’ll be checking on your progress every so often, but until your time is running short, just have fun.” Bowing lightly at the end of this remark, the magician would close the carriage door, hopping upon his seat in the front afterwards. A light whip of the reigns would be given, and he would ride off and away from the active festivities.

            For several moments, Cathryn would stare after her escort as he departed; only directing her attention to the festivities at her flank as he disappeared from view. Muttering quietly to herself, she gave an uneasy breath before turning heel and beginning a stride off to the castle entrance, where the prince himself was taking his time to greet those entering.

            Though highly hesitant, the maid would bring herself into a brisk walk, attempting to quickly pass by the man and avoid any contact with him for the moment – be it physical or eye. As she passed, however, she found that a glance wouldn’t hurt. Thus, she looked faintly to her right as she strode along, only to find voids of a sharp, azure radiance meeting hers in the process. She ceased her steps, returning the gaze that she had received from the royal himself from the opposite side of the doors in order to allow those around her to enter with ease.

            Despite the reality of time passing around them, Cathy seemed to find herself immobilized as the lad of hierarchy afar actually noticed her. She was tugged back into reality, however, as a silhouette of one of the ball participants walked right in front of her, seemingly leaving a cool, chilling breeze in her midst. The frosty feeling awakening her, the girl looked after the one who seemed to cause the phenomenon. Her gaze trailing after the ones who had crossed her posture, she found no one out of the ordinary. A soft breath escaped slightly parted lips, and she shook her head lightly before quickly averting her attention back to the chap. Giving him a slight, gentle smile, she nodded to him as if in greeting before turning to the left and walking within the castle exterior. While she got past what had happened for the moment, the nobleman seemed to be unable to take his gaze from the other’s figure, cobalt orbs of his trailing after her as she walked off.

            Some time after this little occurrence, Cathryn would be sitting at the nearby dining court, which was right next to the ballroom and dancing floor itself. She was permitted a rather spectacular view of those afar, dancing lightly upon their heels with such grace. Though many would think that she seemed a tad on the bored side from simply watching the people around her prance about, she herself was pretty content with watching everybody be happy. The sight simply enlightened her some bit.

            A good while into her little observations, she felt a light tap upon the right shoulder. Peeking over her shoulder, she attempted to take note of who was requesting her attention. She saw no one. Blinking silently, the girl thought to herself briefly before shrugging, turning her figure back around in order to continue her watch. The moment she had fully done so, however, he found herself face to face with another, her nose perhaps an inch or so away from his. She squeaked, having been caught off guard, and leaned back in her chair quickly.

            “My apologies, Miss,” the other would claim, bowing his figure in an apologetic fashion. Cathryn scanned him as he did so, taking notice of his appearance and clothing from head to toe. He had snowy, ashen white hair; it was slightly long, and seemed to be brushed upward above his shoulder. Both eyes of his were a clear, chilled sense of sapphire, which literally seemed to send chills down the worker’s back. He was neatly clad within a white top, much similar to the one that she had seen Tybalt wearing, except his was of a pure, primary white coloring with deep blue trimmings, and was cut midway down the chest to reveal the navy longsleeve that he wore beneath. Upon his lower body were a pair of slacks of the same, snowy tint, which draped lightly over his footwear. Unlike the majority of his attire, the shoes that he wore were of an abyssal black, which greatly contrasted against his clothing. Seemingly sewn from the shoulders of his outer torso layer would lay the beginnings of a cape, which draped fashionably down his back and mere inches from the ground below.

            It was then that she noticed that this was the same figure that she had shared eye contact with out front.

            This was the primary host of this grand event.

            It was the prince.

            Almost instantly she would realize this, a sudden storm surging throughout her intellect at the discovery. Despite the sudden realization she held, however, she seemed to excel at maintaining a calm image physically. Smiling politely, she calmed herself down after being caught off-post. “E-er…no, it’s fine.”

            “Aha, not really. I mean, I did sneak up on you, and all.” Casually spoken were these words, all within a low, calming tone. “So once more, I’m sorry, Miss…?”

            “…Achard.” Pausing, the girl grew rather sheepish for a moment. “Cathryn Achard.”

            Nodding curtly, the ashen-haired lad straightened his posture a little bit. “Miss Achard. My apologies, though it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am-“

            “…The prince.”

            Looking at the girl, the boy tilted his head in slight amusement. She saw her expression redden faintly as she noticed that she hadn’t allowed him to finish his statement.

            “Um…aha, sorry…”

            Shaking his head, the heir gave Cathy a reassuring smile. “No worries. To many, I am, in fact, seen as the prince…son of the king, and whatnot. My birth name is Dante Castillon.”

            Gradually feeling herself calm down as the conversation went on, the verdant-eyed girl found herself drifting from her earlier, shocked and uneasy state. “…It’s nice to formally meet you, Pri-“

            “Dante is perfectly fine.”

            “…Prince Ca-“

            “Come onnn; I know you can do it.”

            A childish, pouting expression would cross the female’s face as the son of royal lineage persistent about her being more casual about the situation. The sight of a smile would soon replace the previous look, however, a sigh blowing from within her mouth in defeat. “Fine, fine…” she muttered lowly, a slight, kiddy tone caught within her words. “…It’s nice to meet you, Dante.”

            His grin flourishing ever more, the neatly-clad teen would nod in approval toward Cathryn’s words. “Theeeeere we go,” he would speak in amusement. “Haha…anyways, the feeling is neutral, Miss Ach-“

            “Cathryn,” would shoot the sudden reply, a sly smile spread across the girl’s lips.

            Silence would veil the lad as he simply stared at the one sitting before him. He lifted the right palm, giving a fusion between a laugh and a sigh as he gently scratched the back of his head. “Cathy. That’s fine, isn’t it?” he would question, tilting his head in and interested curiosity.

            While remaining silent, the lass would give a simple nod in reply.

            “Alright, then; Cathy.” Reaching outward suddenly, the noble grasped hold of the maid’s eastern extremity, pulling her up from the seat in which she had secured herself within and toward his figure. With another squeak that was quite similar to the one from earlier, she stumbled onto her heels suddenly, only finding her balance as she lightly bumped into the boy’s chest. Her head would be given a brief shake as if shaking the effects of the collision from her mind, leafy eyes directing up and at the royal.

            It took a couple of moments to notice the particular position that she was in. A trace of crimson would take her expression once more as she noted the distance – or lack of distance, for say – between herself and the other. “U-um…what are you…”

            “Taking you for a dance,” Dante would say, knowing where Cathryn was going with her words. “Consider it my way of apologizing.”

            “You really don’t have t-“

            “Aw, c’mon,” the prince said, smiling down at the sorrel-haired teen. “I arranged this thing for everybody to enjoy themselves and have a share of the fun. It’s my duty to see that those who attend take part in the festivities. It’ll be nice; trust me.”

            Her mouth opened briefly while preparing to create a replying remark, the young woman released a faint, odd sound while beginning to speak. She stopped herself as soon as she started, however, after remembering the words that she was told:

            “Until your time is running short, just have fun.”

            While in this little remembrance of hers, Dante noticed how his new acquaintance seemed to suddenly fall silent. His smile shrunk the slightest bit, and his head tilted a tad. Lifting his vacant hand, he used it to lightly tap the other atop the other’s head. This seemed to pull her back into reality, as she was snapped from her thoughts as she met the boy’s gaze another time.

            “Is something wrong?” asked the nobleman, a slight look of concern visible across his facial features.

            Cathryn blinked quietly, a small smile returning to her lips as she shook her head. Similar to how the silver-headed man of royalty had done, she brushed lightly past the boy with his hand still in hers, tugging him along. “What’s wrong is that we aren’t on the dance floor, yet,” she said with a faint laugh, looking over her shoulder in the process.

            Grinning lightly at the girl’s sudden sense of enthusiasm, the royal quickly stepped toward the other’s western flank, sweeping smoothly around her and placing himself before her front side. Once this was done he would hook the remaining extremity upward, gently grasping hold of his companion’s free one. Smoothly afterwards he would swing her around with such grace, beginning their little tango and bringing her to the floors afar in the process.

            Upon arrival the two would glide about the tiles with such finesse, earning some few gazes of admiration from those twirling around them. The count would only rise higher as the lad spun his partner the slightest bit, stepping away the slightest bit before pulling himself close to the other not a second later. Closely position they would be after the action and it would be then that the music in the background seemed to slow down gradually, the strings of distant violins and other essential instruments of string slowing their tempo as time went on. Cathryn looked around her as this happened, noticing those around her begin to shift their style of movement into a more calm, eased way; some even growing closer to their respective dance partner distance wise.

            “Hey, so…where are you from?”

            As she heard these words, she felt herself being drawn forward the slightest bit. Soon enough she found herself pressed lightly against the other’s chest, as sweet, subtle scent rather resembling of vanilla catching her senses. A light trace of scarlet would take her expression as she looked up just the slightest bit in order to prevent the shade upon her face from being seen in the process.

            Looking down for a moment, she drew in a quiet breath in attempt to calm herself down and rid herself of the shades from her facial expression. A moment or so afterwards, she would tilt her head upward yet again, meeting Dante’s gaze. “U-um…the outskirts of the town, really…” she would respond in a near whisper, the lack of space between both herself and the other seeming to get to her. “I live out near the countryside, just past the forest.”

            The prince gave a short nod. “Mind if I visit some time?”


            “Aha, I kid, I kid. I was just looking for your reaction is all.”

            A silent aura overwhelmed the lass as she looked downward once more, muttering something inaudible to all ears but her own. Suddenly feeling as if what he was done was unjust; the nobleman felt his smile shrink a tad, a look of concern seemingly replacing the one of happiness prior. He arched his neck a little bit, attempting to catch even the faintest glimpse of the young woman. “H-hey, is everything alri-“

            “You’re off-guard.”

            Even before he was able to finish his little inquiry, the royal was cut off almost instantly as he felt a sudden impact overwhelm his entire face. All that escaped his mouth as a result was a selection of awkward muffles, due to the fact that he had received a palm to the face by the girl alongside him. Though her gaze remained away from his, and her posture was still the same as they waltzed about, she had released her left hand from his right and pushed it into his face.

            Afterwards she would shift her gaze upward in a diagonal fashion the slightest bit, a sly grin spread across her lips as she stared up at the blue-eyed chap. “Can’t be caught off guard like that,” she said, slowly reeling her hand away. A small giggle escaped her lips as she caught sight of the prince’s expression; childish and pouty, that it was. “And…no.”

            Sighing deeply, the ashen-clad noble rubbed his face soon after the pressure upon it was relieved, dragging it down across it before finally bringing himself to look at the girl yet again. Once this was done, he noticed the last remark that the other had spoken of. Curious was he at the realization. “No?”

            A blunt look crossed the girl’s features and, within moments, she took a sigh of her own. “You really have a short-term memory, don’t you?”


            “My Go- no, I wouldn’t mind you coming over.”

            Tilting his head ever so slightly, the ashen-haired teen gave a slow blink, his eyes sparking once unveiled as if in a sudden realization. A simple, “Oh,” escaped his mouth, which was followed by a somewhat bashful chuckle. Cathryn gave a slight grin as she heard this.

            “Mhm, yeah,” said she, shaking her head slightly as she continued to glide about the dance floor. “’Oh.’ Okay, then; ‘oh.’ That’s really all you can-“

            She had prepared a rather witty remark as a follow up, though never exactly got the chance to fully express it. A foot misplacement had caught her off guard that time around, and rather than the later bits of her partial claim, she released a quick squeak as she stepped upon her dress by pure accident, sharply feeling herself begin to fall over to the side. Within a moment, however, she felt a hand wrap around her waist, saving her from the potential fall and instead pulling her into a rather graceful, planned dip. Her eyes sealed shut as she felt herself shifting suddenly as if bracing for impact, but opened slowly as she felt herself stop. She found herself staring into a light, frosty azure.

            “Aha…who’s off guard, now?” the prince spoke slyly, grinning at his dance partner coolly in the process. This action seemed to create a splash of crimson that overtook the girl’s face once more.

            “Sh-shush…” she would stutter in reply, her head shaking in slight franticness and vigor alike. At once she would swing herself forward, balancing herself back upon both heels as the lad stood tall. Her gaze locked earthbound to the tiles beneath, she muttered something under her breath that seemed to catch the boy’s attention.

            “Did you say something?” he asked, grinning down at the lass all the while.


            “Eh? You know, you gotta be a little lou-“

            Much like earlier, he was cut off as a sharp contact met his face. Once again, he found a palm attached rather awkwardly to his face, muffling whatever else he was about to say into an inaudible mess.

            While her right hand kept its outstretched position and into the royal’s face, Cathy turned her head to face the opposite direction, attempting to shield the feeling of fluster she was desperately trying to fight off. “…Let’s take a break,” the worker said in a sheepish whisper. Without waiting for input, she hurriedly reeled her hand back, immediately becoming free of Dante’s waltz and striding over to the halls in which he had found her in to begin with.

            The man would stay within his spot for several moments after he was released, attempting to process what had just happened. Confusion seemed to fill his gaze as he took his attention to the other as she walked off. It would soon be replaced by a glint of amusement, and he simply muttered a small, “Pfft,” to himself before departing after his little acquaintance.

            Soon after their little separation, the duo would join once more, taking their respective seats around one of the many vacant tables scattered throughout the dining halls. They watched those afar dance to their hearts’ contents, sharing various side conversations in the process. Many a smile would be shared between the two, which was often paired up with quite the laugh fest. This would go on for some time throughout the evening.

            “Wait, so tell me again…what happened?”

            “Aw, c’mon…how many times have I repeated myself?”

            “Hey, you’ve only repeated yourself one ti-“

            “Shhhhshshsh, the point is that I shouldn’t have to repeat myself at all.”

            Conversations seemed to run smoothly between the two; often started by tales of minor adventure from both ends, which soon turned into curious inquiries, which then branched out to more…odd subjects, for say. Regardless of the topic of discussion, both the prince and the maid were having a grand time, simply sitting as they were and chatting while overlooking the status of those around them as the night went on.

            A loud, yet subtle ringing from the interior of the castle would sound as the conversationalists were about to embark upon yet another thing to talk about. Both teens broke their attention from each other briefly. While the girl seemed to look upward somewhat aimlessly, the lad seemed to lock his own focus upon a specific spot up high.

            Turning to Dante, the lass gave him a slight wave. His thought would be caught not too long afterwards, his gaze averting quickly to Cathryn.

            Taking note of the fact that she had successfully obtained the noble’s focus, she slowly laid her hand to rest, asking in the process, “What was that?”

            For a couple of moments, the chap remained silent and without a verbal reply. Instead he tilted his head upwards another time, taking a turn to lift his own hand that time around. With it, he unfolded his index finger, pointing up and gesturing. Seeing this as a quiet direction of guidance, the handmaid slowly followed suit, her head tilting upwards. Verdant orbs would soon catch sight of the thing that her companion seemed to be locked about at that moment:

            A large clock, seen atop the exterior wall of one of the pillars afar.

            “Father’s set it to ring during events like this,” the prince said simply, frosty eyes of his never leaving the hands of the time-telling mechanism above. “It’s to keep track, and all. That was the first ring; it signals the coming of midnight in the next quarter of an hour.”

            Nodding, Cathryn took a gander at the sight above, taking a turn to marvel at its stationed beauty. “…So the ball is nearly done for tonight?”

            “Somewhat, yes. There are five tolls in total. This was the first. The next rings at midnight, after that one o’clock, two o’clock, and then three o’clock.” Shifting his eyes from the time, the nobleman gave the other a hidden glance while she continued to look skyward. “An odd system, if you ask me. Starting from a quarter then following along the hours as a whole…”

            “Ah, I see…” she responded quietly, gradually and finally bringing her eyes from the time-telling sight. As she did so the man quickly took his vision from her, instead placing it upon the others afar within the ballroom. Smiling a small smile, Cathryn seemed to know what he had been doing, despite how careful he had attempted to be. Her mouth opened the slightest bit as she began to confront him, though she stopped short as a delayed realization struck her intellect.

            The first bell had rung, and the next was scheduled for midnight…which just happened to be her little deadline concerning the unwritten contract she had created with a certain man.

            Giving the heir a quick, apologetic glimpse, the emerald-clad girl pushed her chair backwards, stepping onto her feet and standing up almost instantly afterwards. She found herself being trailed after by curious and surprised eyes from below.

            “Is something wrong?” asked the aristocrat, taking full notice of the other’s action.

            “N-no…” she would reply hurriedly, shaking her head in the process. “I just have to go for tonight. That’s all.”

            The royal fellow raised a brow, both eyes of his narrowing further in a sense of interest. “Oh? You won’t be able to stay until the ball officially ends for the night?”

            Cathryn shook her head. “N-no, I can’t. I’m sorry.” Swiftly after speaking this she would begin swerving through those who appeared in her path. She looked over her shoulder for a second, however, locking her attention onto the remaining teen. “I-I’ll be back tomorrow night, though; I promise!”

            Having had little time to fully register the situation, Dante simply found himself staring after the frantic young woman as she bounded off. By the time that he had thought of an appropriate reply, she had already been outside of the castle entrance, and was already boarding her own coach homebound. Sighing, he lifted himself from his own seating at last. Aha…I find myself truly hoping that you will…

            Rather than allowing herself to drift off upon arrival at her respective carriage, Cathy found herself in a state of unease that was significantly more troublesome than how she had been within the castle interior. She found herself looking toward the front of her ride instead of the window toward her flank, staring at the one who held the reigns of the stallions guiding the cart along. Contrasting to what she had believed, the man escorting her home was not the man that she had met earlier, but rather a typical coach driver. This seemed to spark a sense of curiosity within her mind, driving her to wonder where her initial guide had gone off to.

            These thoughts escaped her mind as the containment was brought to a slow stop. Snapped back within the realm of reality, Cathryn blinked before directing her gaze to the window at last. The scenery outside had ceased all movement, and all that she saw was her countryside home within the shade of the night. Another quick glance would be taken toward the driver and, after acknowledging the fact that he would take no movement to hop down and open the door for her, the maid gave a low mutter before opening the door for herself and carefully stepping out. Once she had closed it behind her, the sudden snap of reigns caught her attention. She turned around, spotting the coach that she had been in moments prior rolling away as soon as she exited. “Huh…well good night to you, too…” she muttered under her breath, giving a shrug as she strode off and toward the entrance of the house.

            Her destination would be fixed upon her room as soon as she entered, as all she wanted to do for the rest of the night was to get a good rest for the following experience. In a slow, groggy fashion, she went on to dress out of the elegant dress that she had been granted and into her normal sleeping wear. Once she had slipped into a more comfortable attire she stood before her bed, tipping over gradually and landing back first upon it.

            As soon as she hit the covers, something distant would catch her attention. The sound of a faint knock upon the entrance door would ring dully throughout her ears, causing her to heave a tiresome sigh. I really don’t wanna get it… she would think quietly, emerald voids of hers tracing faintly over to the hallway.

            Another sequence of knocks sounded.

            …Do I really have to go answer…?

            Silence would fill the household, filling the young worker with a sense of hope.

            …Though it would be quickly shot down as one last knock reached her ears.

            With a groan she would lift herself onto her heels, vigorously rubbing the back of her head as she made her way toward the front of the house one last time. Sighing, she paused behind the door for a quick moment, emitting a low yawn before reaching outward and undoing the lock that bound the door shut. As she did so, a quiet tapping would come from the opposite side of the barrier; its coming in a rapid chain. Unlike the other sounds that simply requested for her presence, these seemed to sound just for spite.

            “Yeah, yeah; I’m here…” the tired lass would yawn from he position, her eye twitching from the mass of knocking and tapping noises beginning to get to her. A loud breath escaped soon afterwards as she finally took hold of the knob after dealing with the lock, swinging it open with a sudden force due to stress. “What exactly would someone want at this hou- Oh.”

            Just as she was about to finish her claim, Cathryn found herself looking at a familiar face. Before her stood her personally ‘fairy,’ who had awkwardly ceased himself mid-knock as the door parted from his knuckles and caved inward as the other opened it.

            The illusionist blinked silently before finally drawing his hand back to his side. “Ah…hi, there,” he would greet the worker in an ever casual tone.

            Heaving a deep sigh yet again, the lass gave Godfather a small flick of a wave that lacked greatly of enthusiasm, mostly due to the lack of energy she was currently having. “Yep, hi, there. …If I may ask, what exactly are you doing here?”

            “Oh.” Seemingly oblivious to the maid’s state, the chap gave a carefree shrug. Smiling in a rather bright way, he simply went on. “Well, I was actually just here to check on your progress with the prince and whatnot,” he said. “I mean, I did say that I was gonna check up from time to time.”

            Awakened ever so slightly at the magician’s speech, Cathryn felt her eyes strain a tad as they widened a little. She failed in doing so an extended amount and this resulted in her drowsily rubbing one of her eyes while releasing another, long breath of a yawn. “Um…well…I haven’t really gotten around to even plotting on how to-“

            “Enough said; that’s all I need to know for now!” Godfather exclaimed suddenly, shooting his hands in the air while smiling ever so sweetly. He turned around, beginning to make his way into the darkened horizon and toward the gates of civilization far from the countryside. “I’ll check up on you again, but later on! Have a good night, Ms. Achard!”

            Staring blankly at the other as he bound off, Cathy soon began closing the front door as he became harder to see by the naked eye. She simply stood there with her hand still clasped upon the doorknob after sealing it, staring into the wooden surface of the side that she was on. “…I don’t…I don’t even…” she began muttering to herself, groaning quietly one last time before taking her hand back and beginning a short venture back to her quarters. It wouldn’t be long before she was back within the comfort of her own room and upon the covers of her bedding; this time laying face down, rather than back down.

            After adjusting herself into a more comfortable position underneath her covers, the teen began to feel herself drifting off at a slow pace, striking green orbs of hers beginning to seal gradually in the process. Soon enough she would lose consciousness for the night, though not before a certain thought would cycle throughout her mind several times prior:

            …I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this…

            Daylight would seem to burn at a fairly rapid pace the following day; as soon Cathryn went to work on the tasks that Matthius had specifically assigned to her being, it seemed as if the whole list of chores was over within the blink of an eye. Before she knew it night had fallen once more, and it was just about time for the rest of her kin to depart to the castle once more. They would be on their way toward the structure of royalty in the distance, traces of conversation able to be heard as they departed. Watching silently for a few moments, the worker would breathe a quiet sigh before turning to the house, taking her time as she strode through the halls and entered her room.

            Upon entry the lass would look toward the right, giving her uttermost attention toward a certain set of clothing that she had set onto her dresser off in the corner. Quiet steps would be taken in its general direction, and she ceased herself before it while gazing down at her attire to-be for the evening. She noticed one different little thing, however, as she looked at the space next to her gown of elegance. Next to it laid a minor accessory; a mask, to be certain, its primary color being of a snowy white. Swirling and striking across its replicated facial structure would be markings of a radiant green, which appeared to be just slightly darker than the one seen within her eyes. Picking it up slowly, she would inspect it for a couple of moments, taking full notice of the lack of covering for the mouth area. She turned it around afterwards, beginning to gaze at a little notice engraved within it. Characters of a seemingly fiery amber would be seen embed within the accessory, and it spelled out a certain quote:

            “I bid that you’ll need this for the evening, Ms. Achard. You know…unless you wish to be the fish out of water tonight. Your carriage waits outside as you check this little message of mine, but I myself will not be guiding your source of transportation.

            ~You know who --- Godfather”

            Blinking, Cathy nearly brought her attention away from the masking, only stopping herself as she spotted some sort of fine print beneath the primary text.

            “P.S.: Oh, and also. Welcome to the official start of the masquerade. Have a fine night, Ms. Achard.”

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